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MN & SD Dealers Represented Full Time at State Legislatures

Minnesota and South Dakota dealer members are being represented full time by the Pioneer Equip-ment Dealers Association during their respective 2020 legislative sessions in St. Paul and Pierre. The Minnesota legislative session began yesterday, February 11, and South Dakota’s session began Tuesday, January 14. (North Dakota’s legislative session convenes in odd-numbered years and therefore is…

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Right to Repair

What is the “Right to Repair” Movement? It’s much bigger than You Might Realize… Years ago, special interest activists began to promote legislation that is commonly misrepresented as “Right to Repair.” Proponents state that they simply want the information necessary to perform repairs of products such as combines and tractors, along with everything from cell…

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Lemon Law Takes Effect in South Dakota

Purchasers of certain farm equipment in South Dakota are now covered by a recently enacted lemon law. HB 1103 was passed during the 2019 legislative session and took effect July 1. The law covers “nonconforming conditions” which occur within one year after the date of the original delivery of new farm machinery to a consumer.…

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