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Political Action Committee

As an equipment dealer, you are well aware of the major impact government has on your day-to-day business.  If the Pioneer Equipment Dealers Association is to continue to be successful on Capitol Hill, we need your support.  Pioneer-PAC receives and disburses funds to select candidates running specifically for Minnesota, North Dakota, or South Dakota legislative and state offices.

It is critical to your business operation that we help support candidates that understand your needs as an equipment dealer.

This is extremely important as we fight to keep the interests of equipment dealers in the minds of state lawmakers. Interests such as: 1) Manufacturer relations & prohibited acts 2) Corporate income tax rates 3) Tax issues related to machinery and repair parts purchases 4) Worker’s compensation issues.

Contributing dealers control the distribution of Pioneer-PAC funds.  During the election cycle, each contributing dealer will have the opportunity to select the specific candidate(s) of their choice.  It is important to note that contribution checks are sent to the dealer for presentation to the candidate.  Not only do dealers get to show their support individually, but the entire industry gains recognition by candidates statewide.

2020 MN Contribution Goal = $24,000
2020 ND Contribution Goal = $10,000
2020 SD Contribution Goal = $13,000

Please help Pioneer-PAC elect candidates who understand your business by sending a contribution today!