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historyThe Pioneer Equipment Dealers Association (Pioneer EDA) was launched April 1, 2019, as a merger between the Minnesota-South Dakota Equipment Dealers Associationand the North Dakota Implement Dealers Association. The three states proudly share a long and powerful history of dealer organization, representation, advocacy, and service to farm equipment dealers in the upper Midwest dating back to the late 1800’s.

The North Dakota Implement Dealers Association was officially established in 1899, the South Dakota Retail Implement Dealers Association in 1900, and the Minnesota Implement Dealers Association in 1904. In 1963, the highly influential MN and SD associations agreed to merge their efforts, forming the Retail Farm Equipment Association for Minnesota and South Dakota, later known as the Minnesota-South Dakota Equipment Dealers Association.

The formation of the Pioneer Equipment Dealers Association represents yet another historic milestone – one that provides Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota dealers an expanded opportunity to work with and for one another. Pioneer EDA is committed to helping equipment dealers solve mutual problems, channel resources, exchange information, and develop leadership. Pioneer EDA promotes the industry and profession as a whole, guards against adverse outside influences, and gives dealers the benefit of full-time resources from your Association office. Your Association can accomplish all of this with the utmost efficiency for both large and small firms throughout the tri-state region.


In 1986, Pioneer EDA and the Automobile Dealers Association of North Dakota (ADAND) formed Association Services, Inc. (ASI, dba Pioneer Promo), the administrative arm of Pioneer EDA and ADAND.  ASI is wholly owned by the two associations, and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 4 automobile dealers, 4 equipment dealers, and one member-at-large who is elected by the other eight. Through ASI, the associations are able to offer various products and services, support the group health insurance program, and unify administrative costs.


With your support, Pioneer EDA will continue to grow as a viable, forward-looking organization, identifying issues within the industry and addressing them as a strong, unified dealer body. True to its name, dealers in Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota will continue to journey forward together as fellow Pioneers to discover and conquer new territory in the equipment industry.


Organizational Structure - The Pioneer EDA is a non-profit organization. Our governing documents, conflict of interest policy, financial statements, and IRS Form 990 are available to the public upon written request.